Botanical Gardens in Sri Lanka

From exotic flora to serene landscapes

We Sri Lankans are lucky to have so many beautiful gardens all around the island. As a result, we never hesitate to tell our visitors about the following botanical gardens because they are an experience they should never forget.

Hakgala Botanical Garden

Hakgala Botanical Garden

Many thousands of people flock to Hakgala Botanical Garden - Nuwara Eliya every spring to marvel at the region's 10,000 or so different flowering plant species. About half a million people visit every year. The variety of orchids and roses in this garden has earned it international renown.

Henarathgoda Botanical Garden

Henarathgoda Botanical Garden - Sri Lanka

The Gampaha Botanical Garden, also called the Henarathgoda Botanical Garden, is located in the city's suburb of the same name. It was founded by the British in 1876 so that they could study the economic potential of exotic plants like rubber and further the colony's plant wealth and economic growth.

Mirijjawila Dry Zone
Botanic Gardens

Mirijjawila Dry Zone Botanic Gardens - Sri Lanka

The first Sri Lankan botanical garden, Mirijjawila Dry Zone Botanic Gardens, is located in the island's dry zone and was created by local experts to preserve endangered tree and shrub species, medicinal herbs, and popularise plants native to the region by offering a desirable holiday spot for both international and local travellers.

Royal Botanical Gardens,
Peradeniya - Kandy

Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya - Kandy - Sri Lanka

Almost 4000 distinct plant species, some of the best in Asia, are on display at the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. A magnificent avenue of palm trees and the orchid collection are the highlights. You can find a large variety of medicinal herbs and spices while meandering through the gardens in addition to a wide variety of floral plants. The magnificent collection of Sri Lankan, Asian, and foreign flora is a fragrant, eye-catching sight, covering over 60 hectares of exquisitely constructed lawns, pavilions, and plant houses. Expansive lawns dotted with giant trees and beautiful avenues are only a few of the surroundings after parts blazing in tropical colour.

Seethawaka Wet Zone
Botanic Gardens

Seethawaka Wet Zone Botanic Gardens - Sri Lanka

The 106-acre (43-hectare) Seethawaka (Sitawaka) Wet Zone Botanical Gardens were established in 2014 with the main objective of acting as a study and conservation area for endangered and fragile endemic plant species in the Sinharaja Rain Forest region. This garden also encourages the development of export floriculture, ex-situ preservation of wet lowland flora, and bamboo farming.