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Guided tours on Sri Lanka, the pearl in the Indian Ocean

I am looking forward to welcome you as a personal driver for tours, excursions and airport transfers.

Hello Dear Travelers,
         My name is Harsha Bandara and I am a licensed tour guide in Sri Lanka. At the same time, I act as your driver for tours of our beautiful country. My travel agency in Sri Lanka is a family business and our guests should experience their holidays in the same family.

Roundtrips in Sri Lanka

On these pages, you will learn more about my tours in Sri Lanka and life on the island in the Indian Ocean. Be prepared for the journey of a lifetime - Even the professionals of 'Lonely planet' have voted Sri Lanka as one of the best destinations of 2019. Experience small and big adventures on your holiday and spend a good time. Sri Lanka awaits you with an indescribably beautiful culture that can be explored in the context of a round trip. Athletes appreciate the long sandy beaches and climb the mountains in the center of the island. The hilly regions with their romantic panorama make an excellent refuge for the honeymoon. On the coast in the south all sorts of water sports such as surfing or diving are practiced.

Everything about your driver in Sri Lanka

As the eldest son, I accompanied my father for many years on his tours of the island. He showed me many special places and taught me all the tips and tricks of the profession. Today I organize individual round trips. I attach great importance to reliability and a trusting relationship between the guest and drivers. With my experience and sovereignty, I make your trip a unique experience. When choosing our destinations, I always follow the wishes of my guests or give recommendations for interesting places that you should not miss. Due to my excellent local knowledge, the tour remains flexible. If you want to change your plans at short notice and still want to see something different, this is possible at any time. If you find something nice along the way just call 'STOP'. Of course, as your private driver, I feel responsible for my passengers at all times and support you in all your plans.

Lead experience in Sri Lanka

I am active since the year 2010 as a tour guide and tourist guide in Sri Lanka. With my experience as a private guide and my sense of good guided tours, I also make your holiday a first-class experience. My round trips are filled with the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka that you can experience on a guided tour through Sri Lanka. I like to lead groups and families as well as people traveling Sri Lanka alone. Whether nature, culture, adventure or anything a little bit is up to you. I would be happy to arrange a very special tour for your honeymoon, a day trip to a destination of your choice or transfers from the airport to the hotel and back. I am sure that your guided journey through Sri Lanka with me will be a unique and unforgettable experience! Always true to the motto: "Work fills the pockets, but travel fills the soul."

Sri Lanka is one of the best travel destinations in 2019